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Peter Janssen

peter janssen portrait
Leaving Holland when he was 17, Peter Janssen arrived in Australia in 1959 ready to begin a new life. Five years later with 200 pounds in his pocket and a young family in tow, Peter moved to Mildura, determined to establish his own typewriter and equipment servicing company.

In 1965, the Office Everything story began with the opening of Mildura Office Equipment and Supplies. Later rebranding as 'Office Everything', under Peter's leadership, the business has been instrumental in bringing many IT firsts to Mildura including being the first distributor of Apple Macintosh in regional Victoria.

50 years on, Peter has a rich connection to his adopted home and to the community that has supported him, from the earliest days of Mildura Office Equipment and Supplies to the enduring family business he still oversees today.
ivan janssen portrait

Ivan Janssen

Chief Executive Officer
With his father’s natural flair for all things IT, Ivan Janssen was destined to join the family business. When he was 13, Ivan began helping his father enter data into mini computer programs that hinted at the future of personal computers as we know them today.

After completing year 11 at Mildura Senior College, Ivan began working as a full-time Salesman with Office Everything, a role that had always been earmarked for him. His teachers tried to discourage him but Ivan knew a career within the IT industry was what he wanted.

Unlike many industries at that time, IT was developing rapidly. Ivan was keen to embrace the challenge of working in the ever-changing sector, in a small business that would encourage him to expand his own skills and knowledge.

Ivan began with Office Everything in 1984, the same year that the Apple Macintosh was introduced to the worldwide market. With the popularity of the personal computer increasing, it was an exciting time to be in IT, especially in sales. Ivan’s genuine passion for IT, solid industry knowledge and friendly manner meant that he was always popular amongst a growing list of customers.

In 1994, Office Everything started up Ruralnet, the first internet provider in the region, whilst Ivan was still completing his Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Ivan and his old school friend, Nick Lambropoulos, set up the new internet service unaware of just how significant and world-changing the technology would become.

After Office Everything sold Ruralnet in 1999, Ivan saw an opportunity to spread his wings outside of the family business. With 15 years of experience with Office Everything under his belt and with his parents support, Ivan joined the new Ruralnet. He stayed with them for three years until they sold to iiNet.

From Ruralnet, Ivan briefly returned to the family business, but when his sister and brother-in-law asked him to join their transport company, he decided to take on the challenge. Ivan and his wife and four children moved to Adelaide. After gaining invaluable experience in his managerial role, Ivan again moved on, working for some years in the security systems industry.

In mid-2014, Ivan felt it was time to go back to where it all began, and he returned to the family business to take up the role of Chief Executive Officer. With a wealth of experience behind him, Ivan guides his Office Everything colleagues and ensures all their clients get the best advice for their needs.

Moving forward, Ivan is focused on combining the fabulous history of Office Everything with the exciting developments in both products and services. There is no doubt that Ivan and the team are driven to see Office Everything successfully service the community’s technology needs for many years to come.

‘The beauty of the IT industry is that people expect it to change and evolve. It’s easier to implement change because it’s
the nature of technology.’

Peter Jessup

Service Manager
peter jessup portrait
Peter Jessup began with Office Everything back in 1997. The ‘always changing and challenging’ nature of IT combined with discovering ‘new ways to meet and exceed customer expectations’ keeps Peter passionate and committed to the industry. Meeting these challenges with a good balance of drive and wit sees Peter and his team consistently rewarded with positive
feedback from clients.
les kadziela portrait

Les Kadziela

Finance Manager
As a CPA Australia Accountant with a Bachelor of Business, a member of CPA Australia and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, as well as having a career spanning over 35 years, ‘qualified’ barely covers it.

Les combines his accounting and financial expertise with his vast IT experience in his role as Office Everything's Finance Manager. Thriving on the ‘challenges and advancements’ of the industry, Les says his job ticks all the boxes.

Jim Belbin

Education Specialist
jim belbin portrait
With nearly 40 years of experience specialising in teaching, IT Education consulting, IT training and sales, calling Jim Belbin ‘experienced’ is an understatement. Becoming part of the Office Everything team in 1994, Jim has seen many developments in IT but says working with people is still the best part of his job. When he is not at work, Jim can be found outside enjoying Mildura's weather, or getting his fix of AFL when winter sets in.
benjamin sharpe portrait

Benjamin Sharpe

Business Solutions Consultant - Imaging & Furniture Specialist
Mildura raised, Benjamin Sharpe has five years of experience working in the office supplies sector and joined the OE team in 2014. After a recent promotion, he is now Office Everything’s Business Solutions Consultant – Imaging and Furniture Specialist. Hardworking and with a love of all things ‘IT’, Benjamin is dedicated to ensuring his clients have the most up-to-date systems available. When he is not doing that, you can usually find him making the most of the great outdoors.

Levi Jones

Business Solutions Consultant – Imaging Specialist
benjamin sharpe portrait
Levi was sure of one thing and that was that he didn’t want to be fixing bikes forever. So out of school and with a Certificate III in Information Technology and Retail in his hands, Levi took time out from his part time job in the local bike shop, to submit his resume to Office Everything in Berri. A year and a half later and Levi hasn’t looked back.

Attracted to the ever-changing world of technology, Levi loves the endless possibilities his job offers. He can communicate with people all over the world at the click of a button, find out whatever it is he needs to know with one Google search and give his clients the most up to date information and advice. All this and he doesn’t even have to leave the Riverland, the place he’s always called home.

Known for being relaxed and reliable, Levi has quickly cemented his place in the Office Everything team and he has loyal clients who are always happy to see him.
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