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Your photocopier probably spends more time printing and/or scanning than photocopying and this is why we call them a Multi-Function Device (MFD). Your imagination is the limit to what is now possible using the software solutions available from Office Everything. Possible software solutions for your organisation can be discovered as part of our free Print Health Check and can be included in the costs of a Managed Print Services agreement.
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Manage your print

There is a range of software products which Office Everything has available for commercial, government and education organisations to manage their printouts including the following areas:
  • Follow-me-printing – this allows users to print their documents to a common print queue and then go to any device and retrieve their printout.
  • Secure Print – have you ever printed a commercially sensitive document and then forgotten to retrieve it immediately? With Secure Print you type in your PIN or use your security card to release your prints ensuring your documents end up in the right hands.
  • Print Cost Recovery – there are a number of solutions available which allow you to recover your print costs through oncharging these printouts to your customers such as students from education institutions or clients of professional firms.
  • Reduce Wastages – ever printed an email only to find it has printed 10 pages in colour because of a few blue hyperlinks and you only really wanted the first page. Our print audit software will be able to reduce your colour and unnecessary printouts by limiting what your staff can print and asking them whether they really want to print all 15 pages of that email, etc.

Document management systems

Moving towards a paperless office has been a pipe-dream of organisations for decades. Whereas it may seem that we are printing more than ever the tools are now available that make this a reality for many organisations such as:
  • Searchable Scanned Files – there are a range of tools that will OCR (optical character recognition – convert your scan image to text) your scanned documents and convert them to one of the commonly used document types such as Word, Excel and/or Searchable PDF.
  • Automated Filing – scanning solutions are available which will read the relevant fields on a scanned form such as name and form type and will then name and place the file in an appropriate folder on your server.
  • Workflow Solutions – a lot of time is wasted in organisations moving documents from one staff member to another for approval, etc. A good workflow solution will provide significant savings by making it possible to mark up and automatically pass on files electronically to relevant staff members.
  • Accounts Payable Automation – many invoices now arrive via email as an electronic pdf. Significant time can be saved in processing these documents using software that will ‘read’ these invoices, check them against a purchase order and enter them automatically into your financial system.
  • Scan to Cloud – scanning to email is a great tool used in many organisations already but it is now possible to scan directly to your preferred Cloud provider so it is available on any of your devices.
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